Home Defense: Why An AR-15 May Be The Right Choice For Your Family

Given that sixty-six hundred home invasions occur in the United States each day, you may want to consider ways to protect yourself, your property and your family. Many individuals choose a pistol or a shotgun for home defense, which makes sense depending on your specific needs.

But there are many reasons why an AR-15 might be the right choice for defending your home. These reasons include accuracy, accessibility, recoil, capacity, and safety.

But let’s not breeze over these. Join us, today, as we take a closer look at why these firearms are your best bet when it comes time to defend yourself.

Home Defense With An AR-15

Many people believe a pistol is the most accurate weapon they can use for self-defense. However, this is actually not the case. The pistol has an advantage in that it can be quickly aimed and fired. However, the drawback to this is that you are statistically more likely to miss your target. This is equally true for a shotgun.

Unlike pistols and shotguns, the AR-15 is more stable when firing, and the barrel length improves aim. It also has good accuracy when firing from a distance.

Another advantage of the AR-15 is its easy accessibility. It can be set up in any location, by way of a two-point sling, so that it can be accessed when needed. One reason that an AR-15 is comfortable to use as well as being more accurate is its inbuilt lack of recoil. In contrast, a pistol or shotgun has a much more significant recoil, making an AR-15 more convenient in a home invasion situation. 

FBI statistics show that home invasions usually involve more than one assailant. Given this, you want a weapon with a reasonably high capacity or powerful ammo. A shotgun has a couple of rounds while a handgun may hold up to fifteen. Your state may limit your magazine capacity to ten rounds. AR-15 ammo is very powerful, utilizing 5.56 NATO or 300 Blackout Caliber bullets.

Defend Your Home With The AR-15

An AR-15 also provides you with greater flexibility when choosing ammunition. Your living situation should determine the sort of ammunition you choose for your AR-15. If you live in close quarters with several people, you should consider lo-velocity, hollow-point rounds.

An AR-15 is a safe and reliable weapon and you should consider choosing it to defend your home and family. Find out more about professional AR-15 builds with world-class components from E2 Armory, today!

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