Choosing Your AR-10

Recently, there have been exciting developments with the AR-10, leading to the development of a wide range of calibers. For example, the F-4 SF-10 AR10 uses several mil-spec AR-15 parts. F4s use the lightest platform in the industry, a decision made to significantly reduce the size of the receivers, barrel extensions, and bolt carrier groups.

Now, when picking out an AR10 you have plenty of choices in finding the weapon that will suit your needs. Let’s take a closer look.


If you are a hunter, consider picking out a .243 Winchester or 7mm-08. Whether your hunting takes you into the mountains, the forest or the desert, the AR-10 has you covered.

The .243 Winchester and the 7mm-08 have been popular among hunters for a while and for good reason. The bullets for the 7mm-08 are suited for hunting all of North America’s big game animals due to their strong ballistic performance and knock-down power velocity over distance. The Winchester, being a pistol, is a suitable weapon for hunting small game animals.

Unlike the Winchester, the 7mm-08’s bullets have higher ballistic capacity, shoot faster, drift less in the wind and retain more energy downrange. These are all desirable traits to have in a weapon designed for hunting large animals. If you happen to have a problem with predators such as coyotes in your area, consider the .22 Creedmoor.

Law Enforcement

If you take part in shooting competitions or are a member of law enforcement and your department requires you to buy your own weapon (or you are ordering for your department), the AR-10 also has options for you.

For law enforcement, there is the .308 Winchester. This caliber has an advantage when on the move and in tight spaces, something any law enforcement officer is going to find very useful. This is, of course, a useful thing to have if you are pursuing a suspect or find yourself in a tight spot and in a life-threatening situation.

For those taking part in shooting competitions, there are a number of AR-10 calibers that could serve your needs. For example, there is the 6.5 Creedmoor, 6mm Creedmoor, .22 Creedmoor, .308 Winchester and the .260 Remington, all of which are available in lightweight, convenient 7.5 pound rifle variants.

Choose Your AR-10

Different rifles serve different purposes. If you want a rifle to hunt with, it is doubtful you would be served by a rifle designed with law enforcement or competition shooting in mind. And the opposite is true if you are in the law enforcement industry.

Make sure you find a rifle caliber that meets your needs, whatever they may be. And, if the AR-15 and M-16 are more your speed, make sure to visit E2 Armory, today, for finely tuned components and professional accessories.

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