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2 Paths At The ATF National Academy – Infographics

If you are interested in a career in law enforcement, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center might be right for you. Located in Glynco, GA, the FLETC specializes in training for special agents and industry operations investigators.

Special Agent Basic Training is a 12-week program for training criminal investigators. It provides a comprehensive introduction to criminal investigation for all agents. After completion of the Criminal Investigator Training Program, the student will begin Special Agent Basic Training, a 15-week program of intense academic, legal, physical and practical training.

Industry Operator Investigator training is a ten week program comprised of twenty-four students. The students will develop basic knowledge, skills and abilities for safely conducting firearm and explosives inspections as licensees and permittees. These basic skills and abilities will help the agent safely and effectively carry out ATF law enforcement.

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