AR/M16 Bolt Carrier Group – Micro-Polished Titanium Nitride – HPT/MPI


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AR/M16 Bolt Carrier Group – Micro-Polished Titanium Nitride – HPT/MPI

  • Components coated in Titanium Nitride, which is the staple of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) hard coatings, solves “tribological” problems with machine components that can be coated at temperatures of 800-850° Fahrenheit.
  • “Tribology” is the science and engineering of interacting surfaces in relative motion. It includes the study and application of the principles of friction, lubrication, and wear.
  • This Nanocrystalline technology is accomplished by embedding Nanocrystalline (AICrN) grains into an amorphous matrix. Advancements allow for the formation of higher nanohardness coating with greater thermal stability than conventional coatings.
  • Applied using a lateral rotating cathode technology in a PVD process, materials are vaporized from a solid source in the form of atoms/molecules and then transported in the form of vapor through a vacuum, low pressure gas/plasma to the substrate where it condenses. Following the coating process the components are Micro-Polished to achieve an amazing luster that performs under conditions of high load with higher reliability over other conventional coatings.
  • Advantages of this coating include abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion protection, extreme temperature resistance, high wear resistance, extreme hardness, oil/fuel resistance, increased lubricity, low coefficient of friction, oxidation resistance, and low thermal conductivity.
  • Bolt precision machined from 9310 alloy; carburized/case hardened & shot peened (PVD Coated)
  • HP proof testing, 100% using a high pressure M197 or SAAMI commercial equivalent, without evidence of failure
  • MPI testing after above, 100% inspection per ASTM E1444 using a standard 5 turn magnetizing coil with a current of 200 to 300 amperes. Circular and longitudinal continuous magnetization and a wet fluorescent solution shall be used. Conformance to MIL-STD-410 is required within ASTM E1444
  • Extractor, machined 4140 Tool steel alloy (PVD Coated)
  • Extractor Pin, precision machined and ground AMS6440/52100 Bearing grade steel retaining pin
  • Extractor Spring, 5 coil, ASTM Grade A 228 wire stock, stress relieved, Tensile Strength of 393,000 PSI Max, 80 Durometer Per AMS-R-6855 black insert
  • Extractor Spring O-Ring, Viton (FKM) Fluoropolymer Elastomer
  • Ejector, S7 shock resistant tool steel alloy, hardened, shot peened per ASTM B851/SAE AMS2430, manganese phosphate
  • Ejector Spring, ASTM Grade A 228 wire stock, heat treated, stress relieved – Tensile Strength of 376,000 PSI Minimum
  • Gas Rings, Steel Corrosion Resistant Per AMS 5906 – X3
  • Carrier machined from 8620 alloy, full auto profile, heat treated, ultrasonically cleaned, hard chrome bore (PVD Coated)
  • Gas Key machined from 4130 chromoly steel alloy, heat treated, hard chrome internal (PVD Coated)
  • Socket Cap Head Screw, steel, grade 4037 per ASTM, heat treated & manganese phosphate 2x
  • Gas Key is installed with Permatex aviation gasket sealer, torqued to 55-foot pounds, pneumatically steaked and break away tests performed to spec
  • Cam Pin, precision machined 4340 chromoly steel alloy, heat treated (PVD Coated)
  • Firing Pin, precision machined 8740 steel alloy, heat treated, precision ground & hard chrome plate
  • Firing Pin Retaining Pin, carbon steel ASTM A510, heat treated & manganese phosphate
  • All material, components and packaging made in the USA

What’s Included:

(1) Micro-Polished Titanium Nitride BCG

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